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A Near Death Experience plunged me into the life of a mystic in 1975. The experience transformed my life and served to open opportunities for me to develop a reverence for Life and a compassionate love for all of us on this journey. Contemplative as a youth with a back injury that developed into scoliosis, my inward drive to understand philosophy and theology was a source of comfort as well as a tool for understanding events that were yet to come.


As an adult, I found myself hurled through the tunnel that connects realities after a traumatic accident. I was fortunate to travel between the realities for three days while the doctors fought to save my life. It was during those three days that I was greeted by Light Beings, (often referred to as angels), given a life review, merged with the Divine Light itself, and then given a choice to return to earth or stay in the alternate reality we call heaven.


Obviously I chose to come back. The reason I did was because the Light Beings confided that it would make a difference to my son if I returned. In 1989, the day before his 30th birthday, my son came home to me to die. As I birthed him into his next reality, heaven, he birthed me into yet another perception of consciousness for which I am eternally grateful.

With the NDE as a backdrop to use for inspiration, the focus of my life is to reveal and integrate the intense love I felt while embraced by the Light. This translates into active, dynamic meditations, prayers, and actions that call forth the bridge to bring heaven into expression on earth now. We can release the need to use death as a doorway to heaven. The NDE was a gift of awakening, a sacred passage to remove the veil between worlds... an introduction to the iridescent language of Spirit.

The iridescent language of Spirit moves the divine vibration of love silently through my being, infiltrating and penetrating every area of my life, until every aspect sings with joy, like shimmering glitter ~ Star Dust!

Modern day mystic and visionary, I lend my perceptions, insights and voice to the outreach of Me, We, And Us. We come together to realize a neutral, cohesive, natural progression of a worldview that includes, embraces, and uplifts us all. It is with pleasure that I join with you to reveal this platform of grace, the exciting and necessary next step of conscious evolution.


- Nancy

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