You are not merely physical.


The essence of your physicalness, your body, is energy. This energy has a recipe that establishes your human uniqueness and creates diversity.

Your energetic recipe is established when you are born. Your birth date determines  your “Bean Potential” which has a correlating energetic recipe that defines the type of human life you experience.


The Earth/Gaia, where you were born, is an integral part of a larger solar system that has multiple planets. The essence of each planet is energy and each planet has a planetary potential and energetic recipe that establishes its physical form. The solar system, in turn, lies within a vast galaxy that has areas of celestial space with galactic energetic potentials.

When you were born, each planet was in a particular position within the solar system and related to an area of celestial space. The positioning of all the planets, their relationships with the Sun, and celestial space created your Bean Potential; it established your energetic essence. From that energetic essence, your physicalness formed. Your Bean Potential is strangely and awesomely unique. The exact positioning of the planets and relative celestial space on any given birthdate only occurs once every 25,000 years.

In our solar system, there are planets closer to the sun, an asteroid belt, and then more planets farther away from the sun. The day, month, and year of your birth are truly three categories that correlate with the different groups of planets and their orbital relationships with the Sun. This also correlates with the different aspects of your human experience: the year has to do with the Purpose of your life, the month has to do with your Reality, and the day has to do with your Self and how you interface with others and the world. 


The process of healing is unique to each person according to their Bean Potential. Mapping your Bean Potential and creating your personal Owner’s Guide provides you with a specific resource of information for your unique process of healing. Studying your Owner’s Guide is the self-inquiry that leads to self-awareness, which leads to self-compassion and self-love, which are the four key components in healing and creating a reality of health and joy.

exploring the dynamics of your human experience

You are the only one who can understand your Self. The process of self-discovery through self-exploration is highly personal and unique to each person. It requires openness and determination.


The transition between understanding your Self as “I”, which is centered on personal gain and gratification, and understanding your Self as “Me”, which gives deeper meaning to your human experience, is Awareness. Awareness is the key to experiencing health and joy. The process of expanding your awareness is the process of growth and healing. The experience of health and joy is your natural state of being. Studying your Owner’s Guide information is the first step in healing, and experiencing health and joy.


As individuals and as a species, we have puzzled at the mystery of our human experience throughout our existence. The separation between our expression, which is the conscious awareness of our experiences, and our underlying structure, which is inherent subconscious direction, creates inner confusion and conflict. When we become aware of our subconscious and the underlying direction shaping our human experience, we can understand the significance and meaning of our experiences. Our expanded awareness and understanding are proportional to our inner peace and harmony, which are the experience of health  and joy.


Becoming aware of the underlying direction of your life involves knowing the three Structures of Direction: Life Objective, Focus, and Self, as well as the corresponding three Expressions of Awareness: Identity, Super Power, and Personality. Each Structure of Direction and Expression of Awareness has qualities and characteristics. The combination of all Structures and Expressions creates the unique individual known as “I/Me”. Your Owner’s Guide presents you with the personal qualities and characteristics of the Structures of your subconscious and the Expressions of your conscious awareness. When you study the personal descriptions of your Structures and Expressions, you are engaging in the process of merging your subconscious with your conscious awareness. This expands your awareness of your Self, your purpose, and the significance of your experiences.


There are four questions that initiate the self-exploration of your subconscious and merge it with your conscious awareness: What is my purpose?, Why am I here?, Who am I?, and How do I experience health and joy?


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