Who am I?

What is my purpose?

Why am I here?

How do I experience health and joy?

Our free PDF Human Bean Owner’s Guide is your personal reference to restructuring your beliefs and creating a healthy and joyful reality.

Why do I need an owner's guide?

Here's what the Human Bean Owner's Guide can help you understand...


your Self as more than merely physical

What you perceive as physical form is essentially energy on a foundational level. The energy that creates your body has certain characteristics and qualities that structure the type of life you experience, the dynamics of your relationships, and how you interface with others and the world.


your Bean Potential

Your Human Bean Owner’s Guide is your personal resource for creating a reality of health and joy. Human “Bean” is used rather than human “being” because you are pure potential; you are like a seed. From your inherent potential, you unfold a life that incorporates your free will and creates a unique story.


how to use your Bean potential to create a reality of health and joy

Your Human Bean Owner’s Guide answers these four questions: What is my purpose?, Why am I here?, Who am I?, and How do I experience health and joy? Studying your Guide expands your awareness of yourself and restructures your beliefs about yourself and the world, which gradually creates a reality of health and joy.


Health and joy are a reality you create. The factors in creating your reality and the reality of health and joy are your beliefs and Identity.


Your beliefs determine your Identity; your idea of who and what you are. Your identity then determines the type of reality you experience daily. The reality you experience may be negative and involve suffering, or positive and involve health and joy.

Distorted beliefs establish a distorted identity of your Self and create a reality that involves suffering. What you believe about your Self and tell your Self may not be the deeper profound Truth of your Self. Changing your beliefs about your Self directly changes what you experience as your identity and reality.


Beliefs based on the Truth of your Self support a reality of health and joy. Your Owner’s Guide is your reference to the Truth of your Self and provides you with a reference for objectively understanding your life.


Changing your beliefs and Identity to support a reality of health and joy is a process which involves a new intention, a new experience of your Self, and a questioning of your old beliefs, replacing them with new beliefs that support health and joy.

How Do I Use My Owner's Guide?

Your Human Bean Owner’s Guide is divided into four sections:

Each section is pertinent to understanding the first principal belief of health and joy: All events are neutral. 

1. Introduction & 2. Overview

The Welcome (inside front cover), Introduction, and Overview explain how your Owner’s Guide was developed, why you need an Owner’s Guide, why your birth date is important, and how to use your Owner’s Guide.

3. Your Human Experience

The Human Experience section presents the details of your Bean potential: Life Objective, Identity, Life Rhythm, Focus, Super Power, Nature, and Personality. Each detail includes a general explanation, your personal description, daily awareness, and troubleshooting. Understanding your Bean Potential is important. Understanding how you apply your Bean potential is even more important because it actually changes your reality. 


To view the descriptions of all Bean Potentials, check out our Deeper Study pages


4. Maintenance

The Maintenance section outlines the qualities and characteristics of a healthy and joyful reality, and how to maintain those qualities and characteristics to continuously experience a reality of health and joy. A glossary of terms is available at

How to get the most out of your Owner's Guide:

• Read your entire Owner’s Guide front to back

This will give you the bigger picture of the MeWe&Us project, the three principal beliefs of creating a healthy and joyful reality, and how your Bean Potential is an objective perspective of your Self, so you may begin to understand the first principal belief: All events are neutral.

• Periodically review the Maintenance section

This will bring the concepts of health and joy into your awareness and assimilate them into your consciousness on a regular basis, reinforcing the qualities and characteristics of health and joy in your belief system. 

• Study the details of your Bean Potential 

We become so immersed in our everyday trials and challenges that we are unaware of the larger dynamics of our human experience. You are ultimately here to learn, experience, and become aware of your Self. Your Bean Potential unfolds throughout your life. You are at a specific point in your life, and bringing into your awareness the cycle and phase you are currently experiencing allows you to understand your life from a much larger, objective perspective.

• Troubleshoot your life

Read the Troubleshooting of each detail and try to practically apply the suggested information and your understanding to your everyday experiences and relationships. This will bring about positive, practical changes in your reality.


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