What are we supposed to learn from all this? Why are our established individual and collective agendas being suspended for a while?... shutting down schools, canceling sporting events, and limiting our socializing by staying home. Is there more to this than hoarding toilet paper? Let’s look at this individual, national, and collective situational exercise from a holographic perspective.

When I apply what I understand and know about illness and healing from my intuitive self-healing experience, we are being given a wake-up call on multiple levels: individual, national, and global. On an individual level, illness, no matter what the form, is a wake-up call for reassessing our established agenda (lifestyle and reality). When we are rendered inoperable or incapacitated by illness, disease, injury, or fear, it forces us to stop the momentum of our established daily, weekly, or monthly agenda, (depending on the severity of our ailment) and gives us the opportunity of down time to potentially contemplate and understand our intentions and actions not in alignment with our larger purpose and True/Higher Self.

When we are in alignment with our higher purpose and True/Higher Self, we do not experience physical ailments because there is no need for contemplation, change, and re-alignment. The dynamics of consciousness are simple and straight forward. Alignment supports and promotes the expansion of our individual awareness and growth, and ultimately contributes to the expansion of Consciousness as a whole.

In this situational exercise of the virus, we are being forced to stop our established agendas on individual, national, and global levels. The question to ask ourselves: What aspects of our agenda on all these levels is not in alignment with our larger purpose. Do we know what our larger purpose is on each of these levels, to then know if we are in alignment, and what is required of us to re-align?

If we don’t know what our larger purpose is on all these levels, how do we align ourselves and resolve our situation of the virus? Will we keep experiencing more situational exercises similar to this until we finally “get it” and attain alignment? On an individual level, if we do not heed the early wake-up calls of illness, disease and injury, we tend to repeat or experience more extreme, even chronic illnesses or ailments which ultimately force re-alignment.

I believe that the alignment of each individual to their higher purpose and True/Higher Self directly contributes to the alignment of collective consciousness on multiple levels. Hence, the tag line of MeWe&Us… “One Human Bean at a Time”. Maybe the down time we are being given in the next few weeks is an opportunity for each of us to asses our intentions, agendas, lifestyle, and reality. How can we expand our awareness of our purpose as an individual and what changes can we make in our individual lifestyle and reality that will make an impact on a national and global level?

Self-inquiry and accountability are key… You are the expert of your own experience of humanness and only you can know what potentials are being presented to you for your personal re-alignment to your higher purpose and True/Higher Self. The mission of MeWe&Us is to assist individuals with understanding their experiences from a holographic perspective, which promotes understanding and re-alignment to their higher purpose and True/Higher Self. This individual, national, and collective situational exercise we are currently experiencing may be the perfect opportunity to embrace a holographic perspective, expand your awareness, and learn whatever you need to know at this time.

I am holding everyone in my loving thoughts…

Love and Light, Wendy


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