This is a time for Being rather than Doing; Being is a more meaningful way of living.

What is Being? Being is an expression of the emotional aspect of our Self and involves the duality of love and fear. We are continually unfolding the five aspects of the Self and their associated expressions: Physical (Having), Spiritual (Doing), Emotional (Being), Mental (Serving), and Existential (Expressing).

Being does involve Doing. However, what we choose to Do when we are in a more mindful state of Being, is accompanied with awareness and creative meaning. Often, we get lost in doing for the sake of doing, and we lose connection with the purpose underlying our experiences. Extreme doing, which is ultimately excessive activity, may be a distraction and the avoidance of developing a deeper, more meaningful relationship with our Self. Lately, over the last few decades, the collective dynamics of our society has been focused on excessive activity and external issues.

In this moment, stepping away from collective experiences of sporting events, school, large entertainment events, and working environments may be just the ticket for our human species to re-align to a way of Being rather than Doing.

Being involves slowing down and engaging in nonproductive creative activities: talking a walk, riding a bike, doing yoga, playing with our kids, listening to music, meditating, wandering through the woods, cleaning out a drawer or closet, organizing your home, writing letters, coloring, doing craft projects, etc. Nonproductive activities allow the mind to rest and nurture our inner Self. There is no immediate agenda involved which allows the potential to connect with our inner dynamics and emotions.

Oh no! Some may say… why would I want to do that?! Sometimes we experience fear with Being with our Self. I feel a major portion of the fear everyone is experiencing with our current circumstances is not so much fear of the virus, but actually fear of what to do with ourselves when external stimuli is removed, and we are forced to be present with our Self.

When you are present with your Self, what do you experience? Is it joy or excessive trains of thought? Are you comfortable with being with your Self? Are you your own best friend? How do you like spending time with your Self? What simple activities nurture you? Baking a cake? Playing the guitar?

When we spend time nurturing our Selves, we also nurture the collective, mass consciousness. What we choose to do on an individual level is expressed and contributes to the collective quality of mass consciousness.

We have asked repeatedly, in many ways, how we may change and improve our environment and the collective experience of the world. We are being given the means in the most interesting way in this present moment… what are you going to choose to do with the time you have been given? How can you nurture and Be with your Self, and in a more profound way, nurture the world?

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Also… the MeWe&Us Spring Workshop will be free and online March 28th and 29th. The details are still developing and will be shared through our email list, and posted on the website and Facebook soon.

Love and Light, Wendy


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