Curing and Healing

Curing and healing are two ways to address our physical suffering. Curing is the approach of western medicine in which we externally solicit a doctor whom we believe is more knowledgeable about our body than we are. Our intention is for the doctor to cure or “fix” what is wrong with our physical body through treatments and medications.

Healing, however, is a personal, internal approach that embraces our inner knowledge. It involves attuning our physical body by harmonizing the multiple aspects of our Self through self-love, emotional freedom, and mental clarity. In the process of healing, self-inquiry and self-discovery lead to multiple levels of self-realization which harmonizes, naturally heals, the multiple aspects of our Self and we experience health, joy, and peace.

When I was suffering from the symptoms of Lupus, I experienced western medicine, a spectrum of doctors, and the consensus that Lupus was incurable. The only way a doctor could “help” me was by lessening the severity of my symptoms through medication; helping me cope with my illness rather curing me. Even though some of the medications prescribed by the doctors lessened the symptoms of Lupus, they also created additional side effects. As years went by, and more medications were introduced, more side effects were added to the overall scope of my illness. It became a never-ending spiral of symptoms, medications, and side-effects.

Lupus is incurable when the focus is only on addressing the physical aspect of our Self. In truth, there are four aspects: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental. The best way to describe my experience with western medicine is similar to a car (me) and a leaky tire (Lupus). As I went along my normal route, the tire would slowly lose air. When the tire became flat, I would pull over to the nearest repair man and he would fill the tire with air and send me on my way. Sooner or later, the tire would become flat again and I would repeat the same scenario. By only filling the tire with air, the hole, which was the source of the leaky tire, was not addressed. I repeated this pattern for thirty-six years; never addressing the true source of my illness. I was only getting a quick, temporary fix.

My intuitive healing experience directly addressed the issues creating the experience and symptoms of Lupus. Through self-love, emotional freedom, and mental clarity, the symptoms of Lupus subsided as well as other acute ailments. Western medicine considers Lupus incurable because it only addresses the physical aspect of the Self and overlooks how the other aspects of the Self are also contributing to the overall physical expression of the body.

Healing is not a quick fix like we desire and expect with curing. That is why society in general does not embrace healing as the collective approach to addressing physical suffering. Healing takes time, patience, attention, determination, and focus. It also requires that we stop what we are doing and sit with our Self on a much larger level. In this world of go, do, achieve, and succeed, the dynamics and requirements of healing are uncomfortable for many people.

The difference between healing and curing is… healing is an internal process of understanding, and expanding our awareness of our Self. In healing, we are aware and understand that physical symptoms are an external expression of internal dissonance. Healing is permanent and comprehensive because in healing we are aligning all four aspects of our Self into a new harmony. With curing, we are not aware of or understand the inter-connectedness of all four aspects of our Self.

Because the collective consciousness of humanity at this time relies so heavily on western medicine and curing, rather than healing, we must be gentle with the process of transitioning to healing as our natural means of health. We do not just stop medication and assistance from doctors. We introduce healing into what we are already experiencing with our doctor and medications. As we begin to address the other aspects of our Self and align those aspects, our physical ailments subside and the need for medication and external assistance from doctors gradually recedes. When we understand healing, we have an expanded awareness of the inter-connectedness of all four aspects of our Self, and we address and attune our spiritual, emotional, and mental issues before they are expressed externally through our physical body as illness and ailments.


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