Energetic Healing

Recently, I received an inquiry as to my thoughts and insights about energetic healing…

I understand the dynamics of energetic healing from the Top-Down perspective that each individual is a creator and creating their reality. Whatever an individual holds in mind (mental construct) is ultimately the structure/foundation of their reality (events and relationships). Every event and relationship is an educational opportunity for spiritual growth and the expansion of awareness (restructuring of their mental construct in alignment with Truth)… Truth being knowing, understanding, and experiencing the Self as an expression of Source (one and the same as Source). Every type of healing, including energetic healing, is in some way restructuring an individuals mental construct in way that they know, understand, and experience their Self more than merely physical, and as an energetic/vibrational expression of Source.

When we witness another experiencing a physical ailment, it is a learning potential for the individual as well as the person witnessing. The individual with the ailment has the ailment for a reason (purpose) which is to bring whatever is pertinent at this time into their awareness (for restructuring of the mental construct) for the next steps of spiritual growth and expansion of awareness. Sometimes we may assist an individual with their next steps in spiritual growth by allowing Higher Consciousness to use us as an instrument of healing. We do not personally “do” the healing… we are the instrument of Higher Consciousness.

In some instances, the ego becomes involved in the very delicate and balanced relationship with Higher Consciousness (being a pure instrument for Higher Consciousness) and the intention for assisting an individual in the healing process becomes shrouded with our own emotional and egoistic intentions. These emotional and egoistic intentions may involve the desire to skirt the emotional pain of detachment (prolonging the inevitable) by healing the ailing individual so they may be with us longer, and/or assuming ownership of the power of Higher Consciousness as our own as a healer (the projection of importance, specialness, ego inflation, and assuming and ownership of power, etc.) .

The awareness that each individual has their own path of healing and spiritual growth and allowing them to experience it in their own way is huge. Listening and hearing the guidance from Higher Consciousness with witnessing and assisting others with their situational exercises of healing is key. As a person experimenting with the power and dynamics of healing, it is very important there is an awareness and inner honesty with the intentions involved.

The purpose of someone experiencing energetic healing is to expand their awareness of their Self as more than merely physical which restructures their mental construct. When someone initiates/requests the assistance of energetic healing it means their construct is ready to be restructured (they are allowing the ideas and concepts of the energetic aspect of their Self to be incorporated into their mental construct). This awareness is the basis of why we say MeWe&Us is something people step into rather than something we sell or try to convince someone of. In some instances, people become addicted/rely on energetic healing as an end all for addressing all of their problems when in truth, it is a step to vibrational healing.. a larger more dimensional knowing, understanding, and experience of their Self as a multi-dimensional being.

I feel Reiki is very important for individuals to realize the energetic aspect of themselves, how it works, and the actual experience of kundalini energy as the life force within us. However, how they share it with others according to their intention is very significant with the effectiveness, permanence, and quality of the healing.

The intention underlying healing procedures is of vital importance not only to the healer, but also the patient. When both parties are in alignment, then Higher Consciousness has the opportunity to use the scenario and persons to benefit both parties on a very high dimensional level and effective, permanent, and appropriate healing occurs; both party's mental constructs restructure according to Truth (restructuring the mental construct is the foundation of healing).

When one or both parties are not in alignment, the personal will (ego) becomes an aspect of the healing experience and takes ownership of the healing of another... or the healed person may worship or project the power of healing onto an individual. The healed person may mis-perceive the actual experience and misunderstand that the true nature and dynamics of healing was an aspect of Higher Consciousness and instead believe it was a skill or talent of the healer.

Every scenario and experience has a learning potential, is an educational opportunity, and is instrumental to Higher Consciousness and pertinent in the process of healing; expanding the awareness of an individual and restructuring their mental construct. We are all sharing (learning and teaching) all the time. We learn and understand through our experiences and relationships when we witness others with physical ailments as well as when we actually experience physical ailments, when we are the instrument in the healing process or the one accepting and assimilating the presence and power of Higher Consciousness.


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