Four Unexpected Observations & One Realization

Sunday morning is bike riding time. It’s quiet. Very little traffic. Birds are singing. My favorite. A perfect time to contemplate and receive. Today’s topic it seems is “Surrender”.

This Sunday four things came to my attention. First, as I started out a newbie biker fell. I yelled to him, “Are you okay” to which he replied, “Yes. And thanks so much for asking!”. He seemed quite surprised that I would check in, but that’s what recreational bikers do for each other. Did I want to stop and help him if he needed it? No because I wanted to continue with my ride, but I was willing to help and do whatever was necessary.

As I turned the corner at a major intersection I noticed a tortoise, lying on its back with its legs pumping. Should I stop or not. I stopped. I put it right side up on the grass & wished it well. See? Not a big deal to stop and help.

Going along one of my favorite routes was a sign, “Higher Focus Photography”. Higher Focus. Interesting. By living in from a place of Top Down, my Higher Self is better able to Integrate the subconscious with the conscious.

Finally, I approached a broken stoplight that turned red every couple of minutes even when there was no traffic. It had been fixed. I sailed right through it. What joy! Surrendering to ‘what is’ became a gift.

And that’s when I realized I have been observing messages being presented to me and understanding what I am being shown. Eureka! For many years I have been aware the world is showing me what I am here to work on. My Life Objective (Knowledge), my Focus (Desire) and my Super Power (Surrender) work hand in hand if I open and receive the information and help.

Some folks get it by a lightening bolt (Eben Alexander, Jill Bolte Taylor, Katie Byron). Some of us integrate it more slowly. But integrate it we will! I was on the slow track for many years but I realize I’m opening faster & faster. And it feels good. What examples in your life can you connect to your Life Objective, Focus and Super Power? What is being shown to you?


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