Frosty Angels

What a wonderful two weeks of holidays with family and friends. It feels very quiet today after everyone has left. Yesterday, New Years Eve afternoon, my friend Brenda, my daughter Allie, her friend Jena, and I went snowshoeing in the afternoon. We had a glorious feeling to ring in the new year on top of the mountains before heading to town for dinner. It was a warm, blue bird day with fresh powdery snow covering all the mountains.

After snowshoeing down the path through the snow-covered trees, we crossed a clearing and noticed the trees on the other side looked slightly different than usual. Instead of heavy clumps of snow hanging on each branch, each tree looked as if it had been individually flocked with a crystal powder. We stopped and stared at the trees from a distance for a while and then headed towards them to see what was up with their unusual texture.

Allie was breaking a fresh trail with us close behind. We were all enjoying the freedom of meandering here and there assimilating the magnificent winter wonderland. We excitedly approached the group of trees and found the intriguing texture was a very thick delicate frost. Not only was it all over the trees, it was around us on top of the snow. Brenda was in heaven! She began wallowing here and there to get just the right angle to capture a micro photo to commemorate our New Years adventure.

One thing led to another, and we threw ourselves in the magical frosty layer. Each of us leaving our unique imprint of a magical snow angel as a symbol of our affirmations for the New Year 2020… adventure, wonder, joy, peace, harmony, intrigue, and beauty.

Happy New Year! We begin another journey around the sun! Yeah! And another cycle of expanding our awareness! Yeah!

Love and Light, Wendy

Photos courtesy of Brenda…


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