Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Our human experience is a duality. Our experiences range from intensely positive, inspiring, and magical to intensely negative, disparity, and suffering. While we may be transcending our inner conflict and confusion, we are also being presented with the most amazing experiences of beauty, wonder, and awe.

The true challenge for each of us is to become aware of this duality. As some say: There is always a silver lining. That is what is so cool about the human experience. When we begin to become aware of the positive along with our negative experiences; we really begin to understand the significance of all things.

Gratitude is the key to becoming aware of the duality and balancing the positive with the negative. The positive is around us at all times. It is just a matter of our level of awareness and if we acknowledge the presence of the postive.

In the last three blogs, I have shared with you the concepts of Health and Joy, Healing, and Integration, and my personal experiences that go along with each. As part of my process of healing, I was also shown the incredible power of gratitude. One of the major factors contributing to my illness was my narrow awareness which focused on the negative aspects of my life rather than seeing the silver lining.

During my intuitive self-healing, I also experienced meeting, marrying, and building a life with my beautiful, smart, and talented husband. I gave birth to two amazing children, experienced the wonder and awe of raising them, and witnessed their transition into independent, prospering, loving adults. I developed my own personal skills, worked as an industrial designer, and explored the dynamics of creativity which led to my artistic expression. My life has been filled with many inspiring, educational, and magical relationships. The wonder of nature and its diversity continues to amaze me every day.

We are constantly creating a reality of some kind. The dynamics of consciousness is also dual. The positive aspects of our Self create the positive aspects of our reality. The negative aspects we perceive about our Self, which we may obsess about and dwell on, create negative aspects to our reality. We may get so lost in the negative that our relationship with our Self becomes predominantly negative, and our reality is perceived only as negative.

The positive aspects of our Self never falter or diminish no matter how obsessed we become with the negative. Our reality always reflects back to us the amazing positive aspects of our Self all the time; the wonder, awe, and magic of Existence. It is only if we recognize, become aware, and appreciate the positive will we then understand the beautiful balance of this duality.

Conscious gratitude in every experience brings every situation into balance and presents the truth in a beautiful way. When I catch myself only focusing on the negative aspect of a situation, I now flip my intention and the experience in a playful way to the vibration of gratitude, and I invite the positive to be brought into my awareness. This is truly an adventure! It is a game in a way, to expand my awareness of the silver lining. Some silver linings are more difficult to be brought into my awareness… but those are the most beautiful went brought forth!

Words to hold in mind: Silver Lining

Application: What current situation do you feel is a negative in your life? Can you play the silver lining game with that situation? When I have difficulty flipping the situation to gratitude and the positive, I ask several key questions: What am I supposed to learn from this situation? Why am I experiencing this situation at this time in my life? What key virtues are associated with the situation?... Self-love, Self-compassion, accountability, trust, etc.

Personal Experience: The most significant silver lining I experienced was the Self-realization, the expansion of my awareness, of my experience of illness and suffering. What was I supposed to learn from all those years of suffering? Awareness: I have a dimensional understanding of health and joy which I could not have if I had not experienced such a prolonged period of inner struggle and conflict. I relate to the inner challenges other’s may be enduring on a daily basis. I know what it takes to experience health and joy and I can share that knowledge with others. This amazing gift of expanded awareness is full of beauty, wonder, awe, and magic. Gratitude.


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