Happy Fall!

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

The fall colors have been in full expression in Colorado the last few days and leaf peeping is in full swing. We took off yesterday to visit the amazing aspens on Ohio pass just south of Crested Butte. Our intention was to hike the Beaver Pond trail which takes you through the most amazing grove of very tall, old aspens. Interspersed along the trail in the very high canopy of aspens are various species of pine tress as well.

Half-way up the trail, we encountered the most amazing spectacle. It was a windy day and the tall aspens were swaying back and forth above our heads. As a result, their round yellow leaves were in the air and falling all around us. As we came around a corner, we suddenly noticed how the falling aspen leaves were gently resting on the limbs of the pine trees. It looked as if someone had decorated hundreds of pine trees with yellow ornaments! What a sight! A magnificent day of leaf peeping… even the pine trees participated in their own way.

Photos Courtesy of Kris Reitz : )


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