Most of our beliefs about our Self are established during our childhood. As a teen and throughout our adult years, as we develop more relationships and interface with world, we question those initial beliefs and replace them with more appropriate ones that align with our own experiences, ideals, and values.

Unfortunately, some negative beliefs established in childhood are more difficult to question and replace. They have been deeply ingrained within us and we consider these negative beliefs as Self-truths. We find it hard to know or understand our Self beyond them in an objective way. These negative beliefs make it hard to experience Self-Love and Self-compassion. The process of replacing the negative beliefs with positive beliefs about our Self is the process of healing. As we heal, we gradually experience a reality of health and joy.

We come into this human experience with a set of potentials that are neutral in nature. These potentials have two aspects: expression and structure. The potentials of expression are what we are consciously aware of as I/Me in our everyday interactions and experiences. The potentials of structure are not so apparent to us and are held within our subconscious; we are not consciously aware of them in our everyday experiences and interactions. Our potential structures are the underlying direction continuously unfolding within our life. As a human, we experience a “separation” between our conscious awareness and our subconscious direction.

Many of our negative beliefs about our Self are established because we, and our parents, have never understood the bigger picture of our purpose, the more profound reason we are here experiencing humanness, and who we are individually and as a species. We experience and are familiar with our expression, but we know very little of the other half of our Self; our subconscious structural direction.

When you bring into your conscious awareness the subconscious structural direction unfolding throughout your life, you begin to understand your Self in a more objective, dimensional way. You may experience potential structures as repeated automatic behaviors that you cannot explain. As you bring your potential structure into your awareness, what you once believed was an inherent negative unchangeable fault within your Self, is presented to you in a new light as instrumental direction that is unfolding your purpose.

All the events, relationships, and choices you experience throughout your life are instrumental and educational in unfolding a life purpose. If you do not know or understand your life purpose, then your human experience becomes arduous and scary because you do not understand your Self.

The process of healing is the process of expanding your awareness of your Self. This involves replacing the negative beliefs about your Self with more compassionate and loving beliefs based on the truth of your potentials of expression and structure.

Self-inquiry: Do you know and understand your purpose? Why are you experiencing humanness? Who are you?

Application: Review your Owner’s Guide. Are there expressions or structures in your Owner’s Guide that you are not freely embracing and integrating into your everyday interactions and experiences? Are you scared of what people may think if you were authentic and freely expressed your true Self?

Weekly words to hold in mind: Authenticity and Freedom

Personal Experience: Since I was a child, I experienced a deep knowing about all things, people, and humanness. When I was interacting with someone, I could sense their intentions and could also feel what they were feeling in their body; pain, fatigue, feelings, and emotions. When I expressed these experiences to others, it was not received very well. It did not correlate with other’s experiences. I realized that it was not something I could talk about or express freely. During my childhood, I experienced inner conflict between this deeper knowing and conforming to fit in and be accepted as normal. I suppressed my knowing as something bad that should not be happening within me. I had some very negative beliefs about myself as being weird and not like everyone else.

These negative beliefs and suppressing the truth of my knowing manifested as an illness. As a child I had strange symptoms that baffled my parents and doctors. At the age of twelve I was diagnosed with Lupus and suffered from the symptoms of Lupus the first thirty-six years of my life. I finally hit a very low point in my life of physical suffering and depression which was the catalyst for healing. I began to listen to my knowing and accept it as a good thing and “who” I was. I followed the guidance that directed me on how to alleviate my symptoms and improve my mental/emotional well-being. I was experiencing a self-intuitive process of healing which ultimately replaced the negative beliefs and thoughts about my Self with positive beliefs and thoughts.

The process of healing took many years of determination and commitment. I have been healthy for over 15 years and I now understand the difference of the beliefs that support suffering compared to health and joy. The Human Bean Owner’s Guide is my gift to those suffering who may mis-understand their potential expression and structures as negative (weird, bad, and unusual) when they are actually positive and instrumental in the unfoldment of their larger purpose. I now understand that when I embrace my deeper knowing and use it in my everyday interactions and experiences, I am supporting the unfoldment of a larger purpose that influences and supports others in experiencing a self-intuitive healing process.

More information is available about your personal potential expressions and structures and how they are established in the Deeper Study/Reference Info/Overview section of the website. Here is a direct link to the Why is my birth date important? document: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/4bd415_2f4b12dcb78140e3a7e60c4094358543.pdf


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