Health and Joy

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

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What does it take to be healthy and happy?

Experiencing health and joy is not based on the external aspects of your life. Health and joy reflect your internal world; your understanding of your Self and the quality of the relationship with your Self. Through self-inquiry we learn about our Self and our relationship with our Self. The three questions, What is my purpose?, Why am I here?, and Who am I? initiates self-inquiry that leads to a deeper understanding and expanded awareness of your Self. Self-inquiry is an amazing internal adventure!

Self-inquiry: What is your relationship with your Self? Is it positive or negative? Are you critical of your Self? Do you experience Self-love? Expanding your awareness of your relationship with your Self is the initial step in self-inquiry.

Meditation: Sit with your Self in silence (no external stimulation like a cell phone, tv, or music)… just be with your Self several times this week. Become aware of what you are experiencing. Write down in a journal what type of conversations you have with your Self in your mind. Are you compassionate and loving with your Self or harsh and critical? Let’s share with each other what we experience in our moments of silence with our Self.

Weekly Words to hold in mind: Self-Love and Self-Compassion

Personal Experience: My relationship with my Self has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. When I was ill with Lupus, I was very critical of myself and was ashamed of how my illness made me appear to others as weak and vulnerable. I would try to hide my symptoms and I presented a false self that was healthy and strong. I was not authentic. What was going on inside of me was not what I shared or presented to others.

My experience of healing has shown me that my relationship with my Self is directly proportional with health and joy. What I believe about myself and others determines the quality of my reality. The dialog I carry on internally with myself is extremely important. When I was ill, the dialogue was very negative. I would beat myself up about the littlest things and how I was not good enough and could do better. I had negative beliefs about myself and my thoughts reflected those negative beliefs.

The process of healing involved changing my beliefs about myself and my beliefs about others and the world. Changing my beliefs required me to understand how my mind works and the difference between my mind and my brain… the energetic aspect of myself and the physical aspect of myself. Beliefs are abstract, energetic, and have a structure to them. I became aware of my mental construct and what beliefs were in my mental construct supporting a reality of illness rather than health. The quality of my reality, whether I experience illness and suffering or health and joy, is determined by the quality of my mental construct; the beliefs I hold in mind about myself, others, and the world.

To read more about your mental construct and what happens during the process of healing and spiritual growth, visit Deeper Study… here is the direct link to the Reference Information/Mind/Mental Construct document:


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