When you truly understand, love, and are compassionate with your Self, you experience inner peace and harmony. Your beliefs and thoughts align with the deeper understanding of your Self. The process of healing involves the transition from being confused and conflicted internally about your Self, to a deeper understanding of how your internal dynamics and external experiences are interrelated.

As you experience the process of healing, you understand how your internal experiences (emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts) and your external experiences (relationships and events) are interconnected and integrated. Instead of perceiving your internal and external experiences as separate things and unrelated, you understand how all the aspects of your Self come together to unfold your larger purpose.

There are three aspects to your human experience: Self, Reality, and Purpose. The three aspects are nested within each other. The inner most aspect is your Self, the middle aspect is your Reality, and the outer most aspect is your Purpose.

Traditionally, we have tried to understand our human experience by starting with the Self and working outward to understand our reality and purpose. Because the aspect of the Self involves the complexity of the emotions, intellect, and ego, this approach tends to be quite arduous. Your emotions, intellect, and ego are like an interwoven puzzle or maze that leaves you feeling dazed and confused.

The MeWe&Us information starts at the outer most aspect, your Purpose, and works inward. This approach gives you the broader dynamics and significance of this lifetime. From there, you begin to understand how your Reality, events and relationships, are interrelated to unfolding your Purpose. Ultimately, you understand how your expression as a Self, nature and personality, help you to unfold your Purpose through the events and relationships within your Reality.

Starting with the outer aspect of Purpose and working inward to understand your Reality and Self, is referred to as Top-Down Awareness. Bottom-Up Awareness, which is the traditional approach, is the intention that in understanding the inner aspect of your Self, you will eventually understand the greater aspect of your Reality and Purpose.

Top-Down Awareness establishes an integrated internal and external experience that promotes internal peace and harmony which is then expressed as external health and joy.

Self-inquiry: Do you experience inner peace and harmony? Do you understand how your inner experiences of your emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts are interrelated to your external experiences of your relationships and events? Do you freely express your internal emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts in your external relationships and experiences?

Application: Visualize the three nested aspects of Self, Reality, and Purpose as shown in the diagram. Imagine you have the three nested fields surrounding you. The field of Self is aligned with your heart and your Reality and Purpose extend outward. How do you feel while you are doing the visualization? Can you begin to recognize how easily your Self, Reality, and Purpose become intermingled and indistinguishable from each other when you are not visualizing them as separate fields? As you visualize the three fields, can you feel the difference the field of Self feels compared to your Reality, and how the field of Reality feels compared to the field of Purpose?

Word to hold in mind: Integration

Personal Experience: When I was ill and experiencing the symptoms of Lupus, my internal world was very separate from my external experiences. I believed that own my emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts were insignificant and I valued other’s emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts as more important than my own. I was always trying to be accepted and fit in. I created a false self that I presented to the world while I experienced a very confused and conflicted self internally.

My experience of self-intuitive healing expanded my awareness of the interconnections of my emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts and my relationships and external experiences. During the healing process, I became more aware of what I was feeling when I was with other’s and participating in activities. I assessed my experiences by asking myself… Did I feel inspired and fulfilled after my experience or was I emotionally drained and physically tired? There were so many things I believed I was supposed to do, say, and agree to and with, that I had lost all sense of my own beliefs and thoughts. By continually assessing my experiences by bring my feelings to my awareness, I gradually differentiated between my own feelings and those projected onto me that I was accepting as my own.

When we feel inspired and fulfilled after being with someone or participating in an activity, that experience is aligned with our true Self. It is promoting personal awareness, emotional growth, and the expansion of our spiritual understanding of our Self, others, and the world.

Gradually, my internal world merged with my external experiences. When I was with other’s or participated in activities that were inspiring and fulfilling, I felt safe and was able to openly express my Self: my emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts. When I was participating in something out of obligation, something I was “supposed” to do, it was not my personal choice and I was fulfilling someone else’s agenda. In those less than desirable situations, I did not feel comfortable freely expressing my Self because I was not aligned with the situation.

I became very aware that I am always in choice. I learned to politely and assertively say no to things that did not resonate with me as inspiring and fulfilling. As I consciously chose differently, the quality of my reality improved and the symptoms of Lupus decreased. My life became filled with meaningful relationships and activities. I chose different organizations and read spiritual books and texts. Instead of denying my quirky interests and inherent abilities, I embraced them, and they became the catalyst for self-inquiry, self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-love.


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