Jo's Story

I’m a fan of lists. Some of the things we like to, or feel we have to, communicate about ourselves are best left to a simple list. 

My name is Jo Taylor. I’m 54. I’ve been married for 28 years. I have a 22 year old son. I am a retired ER nurse. I am a writer. I am a Psychic Medium and Akashic Records Reader. I had two step-mothers, not at the same time. I live on a boat in Santa Barbara Harbor with my husband and my dog. My genealogy is known to the year 310.

I am the sum of these data points and the hundreds of others I’ve gathered so far. I am, and you are, these summed life data points, plus our beliefs, experiences, and lessons. I am, you are, we are, also something more. 

I was acutely aware of a ‘something more’ from an early age, and  that other people did not see and hear and feel the things I did. My mother died when I was two, but I hardly missed her because she came and sat on my bed every night and told me stories, and sang me a lullaby. My Dad didn’t like my answer to his question, “Where did you hear that song?”

We moved almost every year and I relished the title of Army Brat. It gave me permission to be obstreperous. 

The “something more” was ever present and with no one to guide me, I felt responsible for the information I received. My stepmothers were both caustic women, and their energy influenced what came to me, often with hints of bad. The worse the information became, the more I tried to shut it off. But the “something more” is unusually persistent when you don’t really know how to turn it off or on.

I worked ambulance as an EMT while I studied Biochemistry and then Nursing. As a nurse, I worked ER, ICU, and Education. Mostly ER. At night. For 15 years. I finished my degree in English so I could become an Administrator with the side effect of discovering that I loved to write. I administered until I just couldn’t be part of corporate healthcare any longer. 

I retired from nursing and became a writer full time. I’ve had short stories and poetry published, but my darlings were my 4 novels which took most of my time and angst and led me to a realization one day that I had arrived, after  much hard work, at average.

I could continue to try to improve, or leave space for a new interest to arrive. I chose to leave space because when I was working on my last novel, a fictionalized story of two very real people who I got to know through their 50 years of letters, they started communicating with me. I found proof of this communication from Facebook, of all places, when a photo the gentleman took in 1940 was posted on a page I followed - the day after he told me he’d prove his communication was real by sending me a photo. He described this photo in his letters, and his name was on the bottom as credit.

It struck me that what was coming through for happy, content, grown-up me was nothing like the what came through when I was young, anxious, and fearful. It is different in character and content. So health and joy really do change your reality.

I have been working as a Medium and teaching other Mediums to . . . Medium for the past two years. But my great love is the Akashic Records. When I first met Wendy and was introduced to the MeWeandUs information, I recognized it immediately as coming from the Akashics. I had actually seen parts of it in readings for quite a while  - representations of the Life Cycle found in the Purpose - Life Rhythm section. 

I would find myself above the person I was reading, looking down on them and I always saw them on a pattern like the flower of life, yet different. They would be standing in their own unique place. I had no idea what this meant, but I wrote it down each time. When I talked to Wendy, and later to others, what I was seeing was where they were on this Life Rhythm. Huh.

My passion is to normalize using Intuition in everyday life. It doesn’t need to be a scary thing. There is a place for science and logic, but there is also a place for Intuition. 

No matter how old we are, we come to times in our lives when we look for more, for something else, whether with a restless anxiety or wild abandon.

I’m more the wild abandon type myself. I like to try new things to add to my data point list.

- Jo


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