Lost Concepts

What are the roots that need to be pulled and tossed?

The roots are the abstract concepts and beliefs that drive unconscious behavior. When we are born, we begin to develop a mental construct that is based on a combination of our energetic and spiritual dynamics and the dynamics of family relationships, culture, and society. As an infant, we develop the very basic concepts and beliefs of nurturing, love, and affection. Our childhood relationships and environment play a huge part in how those primary elements of our Self are established.

To truly understand the roots of suffering, we must first understand the dynamics of our mental construct; the development, learning, understanding, and lost concepts. In the Deeper Study section of the website, under Reference Info/Mind, “Your Mental Construct” information details the structure and dynamics of your mental construct. It explains how you incorporate mental concepts of meaning and knowledge gleaned from your experiences into your mind’s structure through a process of learning and understanding. Here is an excerpt from that information:

Mental Construct

Your mental construct is divided into three areas: foundational concept, construct, and expression. The foundational concept is the single base concept from which everything within the construct originates. The shape of your construct expands upward from the foundational concept in a consistent pattern which creates an upside-down pyramid. Everything above the foundational concept is the construct and the upper most top layer is the expression. The combination of your foundational concept, construct, and expression is your belief system, which governs your thoughts, reality, and total human experience.

The structure of your mental construct is directly related to what you experience as your Self and reality. It holds all the information about you and shapes your perception of your Self and the world around you. This massive storehouse of information is what you understand as your identity and use to interrelate and interact with others, environment, and physical world.

"Your Mental Construct” information is pertinent to my explanation of the roots of suffering and I recommend reading it as the foundation in understanding the rest of this blog.

As we develop, however, some of our experiences may be traumatic where the meaning and knowledge of the associated concept is not processed correctly. Instead of learning and understanding from the experience, the experience becomes a traumatic memory with intense emotions associated with it. Our mind does not appropriately incorporate or process the experience/concept/memory/emotions and it is left in limbo within the structure and considered a “lost conceptual group”.

Lost Conceptual Group Each conceptual group in the structure is like a path that leads back to the foundational concept. The dynamics of learning and understanding naturally create these hierarchical sequential paths.

The conceptual groups build upon each other and are interrelated. What you are conscious of at any given time is only the upper most layer of your mental structure. That upper most layer, which is the expression, contains almost everything in the construct underneath it. The construct, everything below the upper most layer, is your subconscious.

In the expansion process, a sequential conceptual group can also end within the structure, without making it to the upper most layer of expression. The information within this particular conceptual group has become lost in your subconscious. This is an experience which has happened to you, that you are partially or no longer conscious of, and are presently unaware of, in the progression of your life.

Often the last nodule added to the lost conceptual group was severely traumatic. At the time that the conceptual group was part of the upper layer, and your mind went through the choosing process for a similar conceptual group, it skipped over the traumatic conceptual group for replicating. This traumatic conceptual group was not replicated and not continued in the structure due to the lack of similar experiences.

These “lost concepts” that are not processed and incorporated are still active and influence our behavior and what we experience as our reality. Our experiences, and the structure and dynamics of our reality, are based on the structure and content of our mental construct. If we have experienced trauma as an infant and small child, we may have many lost concepts in limbo at the base of our construct. We may continually re-experience the trauma of those lost concepts and repeatedly do not process them into learning and understanding.

On a very practical level, lost concepts are expressed as repeating the same negative memory or self-destructive behavior without learning and understanding. Even though we may know on a deeper level that the memory or behavior is not productive or constructive, we seem to have no control over repeating the experience/concept/memory/emotions.

These lost concepts that have not been processed correctly are the roots that need to be pulled and tossed. They are the source of suffering. Pulling them is symbolic of acknowledging the traumatic experience for what it was and tossing them is processing them correctly and bringing them into the whole of the mental construct as learning and understanding. Once they are pulled and tossed, they are no longer in limbo and are no longer influencing negative self-destructive behavior patterns.

When some of these lost concepts are at the base of our mental construct, they contribute to the ingrained foundational beliefs that establish our sense of Self. They influence our “worthiness” of being nurtured, loved, and deserving of affection. When these lost concepts are so much a part of the process of establishing our Sense of Self in our early years, we only know that as who and what we are. We unknowingly become stuck in the repeated experiences and patterns of behavior as if it was the norm. The dynamics of the lost concepts are an integral part of the structure of our reality and we experience the negative repeated experiences and behavior throughout our life.


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