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Rachel's Story

After my mother’s death in 1981, my senior year in college, my father kicked me out of the house. He said he wanted to be alone. I married a guy from college because his mother didn’t approve of us living together. Not a great reason to get married! I started on my path as a teacher and continued on that journey for 13 years. That first marriage only lasted five years. A few years after that failure, I married again. During that marriage I began my journey as an elementary school principal. That wonderful journey lasted for 21 years. However, the second marriage only lasted for 13. What was the lesson there? I needed to figure that out. My career was going well but I was unsuccessful in relationships.

I finally met my current husband. We are wonderful together. Our lives are full of love and mutual respect. Those two things seem to be the missing pieces. Love and mutual respect. We are also both educators and we get how demanding the work can be. We supported each other through many difficult times at work and at home. He probably supported me more. He was patient and understanding as I worked full time and completed my doctoral studies.

As my career in education was coming to a close I couldn’t help but wonder what my future would hold. While I looked forward to retirement I hoped for something completely different. But what would that be? I had no idea. So, I waited.

After a year of stillness, deep reflection, and daily gratitude, I was ready to begin. But I still wasn’t sure what that meant! I stayed open. Stating my willingness to learn and my readiness for whatever it was that I was meant to do next. And before I knew it, my new path led me on an incredible journey I would never have imagined possible.

I had begun writing a memoir of sorts, using the diaries my mother had left after her death. However, my writing stalled and I needed to know if Mother approved of my work. That’s when I learned about MeWe&Us. Through the use of the Owners Guide and the Life Rhythm Diagrams I began to understand my life’s purpose. I learned that my Mother’s passing was a gift that set me free from a very dysfunctional family. I also learned that her life was exactly the way it was meant to be. She lived her truth. Realizing my father’s act of kicking me out was part of my plan as well. It forced me into Action. Exactly the phase I was in on my Life Rhythm Diagram. I had to keep moving and keep learning. Wow! It was all making sense.

Using the tools in MWU has taught me so much about my life and my mother’s life, making the writing flow again. The lessons have changed my view of the world from victimhood to creation. I am free to create my own beautiful and positive reality. Mother has shown me that she not only approves of my work but is guiding me as I write through signs from eagles. How cool is that!

I have been on the most amazing journey of awakening. Always having considered myself a spiritual person, this awakening has helped me to grow as a whole person. I have found Health and Joy through a deeper understanding of Self. While I have always believed my career path to be one of service, my new area of service comes through Higher Consciousness. Life is full of lessons if we allow ourselves to be open to the signs and signals. They are always present to guide us toward our full potential.


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