The Birth of MeWe&Us

A Wonderful Beginning…

The birth of MeWe&Us began with Betty’s inspired idea of having a MeWe&Us table at Suzanne Giesemann’s W-Holy You workshop, April 2019 at the Unity headquarters in Missouri. Suzanne, who is familiar with the MeWe&Us information, graciously accepted the idea and provided us with a table located outside the doors of the workshop.

When Betty initially received her idea, and even when we arrived at the W-Holy you workshop, the Human Bean Owner’s Guide was still in the works. Our intention was to design a website that would generate a personalized Human Bean Owner’s Guide, printable and free of charge. Allie and Chris, the web designer and software programmer, were finalizing the website and the software program, which was taking longer than anticipated. We had only our banner and some postcards and were not actually able to print an Owner’s Guide when we arrived at the workshop. We did not even have an example to show the attendees. We trusted our guidance from Higher Consciousness, however, and we had faith in Allie and Chris that their expertise would bring to fruition the program that generated the Human Bean wner’s Guide and the MeWe&Us website.

On the first day of the workshop, Betty and I set up our table with our banner, our small printer, a bowl of chocolates, and the postcards. We were ready for whatever might unfold. Acting upon further guidance, we placed a small piggy bank on the table next to the chocolate bowl to collect donations. Allie and Chris, who were working remotely, assured us that our program would be up and running soon.

The attendees began to pour into the hallway before Suzanne’s first session on Thursday night. Seeing our table and intriguing banner, many of them inquired about the MeWe&Us information and how they might receive their Owner’s Guide.

The interest in the Owner’s Guide was more than we imagined. Just from our personal description and explanation, people were intrigued and excited about the idea of receiving a personalized guide to help them understand themselves in a deeper way, though we had nothing physical to show them. The requests for Owner’s Guides came pouring in as well as donations. Then, not long after setting up our table, Allie and Chris suddenly had the software program up and running. Suzanne’s Owner’s Guide was our first test print. Even though it was a first draft requiring some editing, we proudly handed Suzanne her Owner’s Guide as she headed out the door Thursday evening.

As we walked back to our room that night, Betty and I were over-joyed and overwhelmed with the response to the Human Bean Owner’s Guide. We looked forward to the next day when we would begin generating and printing them. Finding two dimes on the floor in the middle of the hallway near our hotel room door was wonderful reassurance from Higher Consciousness that everything was unfolding perfectly.

Suzanne approached our table Friday morning with a smile and congratulated us on a job well done. She had stayed up late Thursday night reading her Owner’s Guide. She was excited by our new format and the simple language. Her session began that morning by promoting the MeWe&Us Project and the Human Bean Owner’s Guide, and recommending that those attending the conference get their personalized Guide.

By Friday afternoon, the requests for Owner’s Guides blew our minds. We had collected four times the requests than we anticipated, and our printer now seemed quite slow and small. Of the one hundred eighty attendees, one hundred fifty had requested Owner’s Guides. Not only did the requests exceed our small printer’s capabilities, we also had issues with our laptops generating that many Guides, one at a time. After sharing our predicament with Allie and Chris, they upped the server speed for generating the Owner’s Guide pdf, and automated the process of generating a large group of birth dates. Betty and I were amazed and relieved! With these new developments, the laptop would automatically generate all the birthdates while we were sleeping Friday night and we would be ready to print first thing Saturday morning. However, printing that many Owner’s Guides was an issue. Our small printer was doing its best, but it would take days to print all one hundred fifty. After contemplating our options, we agreed we needed a highspeed printer. That was the only possible way to print one hundred fifty, thirty three page Owner’s Guides in one day.

While we were cleaning up Friday evening and contemplating our printing situation, we noticed that the piggy bank was overflowing with donations. Then, as I was getting ready for bed that night, I was informed by Higher Consciousness that we needed two high speed printers. Oh my. Betty was not so keen on buying the first printer and now I had to tell her we needed two. She proceeded to count the money in the piggy bank and was amazed at all the donations. We went to bed exhausted and a little exasperated from our experiences that day. This was truly an adventure into the unknown!

Saturday morning was bright and sunny. The workshop was going great. Suzanne was flowing with new information and everyone was inspired and very excited to see their Owner’s Guides. As they passed by our table, many inquired whether the Owner’s Guides were ready. We smiled and assured them they would be ready soon. We held our breath as we checked the laptop… all the pdf files for the birth dates we had collected had been generated! Yeah! One hundred fifty files ready to print. Allie and Chris came through! We hopped in the car and headed to Best Buy. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the donations we had collected the previous two days were the exact amount needed for us to purchase the two high-speed printers and extra toner/ink.

The nice and tidy table Suzanne had provided us on Thursday now looked like Santa’s workshop. Two elves, Betty and Wendy, were running around in fast motion, setting up printers, with paper flying in all directions. The binding machine was punching, punching, punching. By our calculations, if all went well with both printers going full speed, we would have all the Owner’s Guides printed and bound by the end of the evening session Saturday night. Yahoo! Ok, well, Betty did have to make another trip that afternoon to Best Buy and Office Depot to buy more toner/ink.

At the beginning of the afternoon session, I made an announcement to the attendees that their generous donations had purchased two high speed printers which would make it possible to print all the Owner’s Guides by the end of the day. Everyone would be going home with an Owner’s Guide. All the attendees cheered and clapped.

As we worked through the afternoon, we were approached by many attendees who offered to help. When Suzanne came out of the workshop during the afternoon break, she was amazed by the attendees lined up along the table, assembling the coil bindings by hand; talking, and enjoying the opportunity to contribute to our project.

As the evening session began, we still had fifteen Guides to print and bind. Holding that in mind, I was given the impression by Higher Consciousness that the evening session would last as long as it took to finish printing and binding the Guides. We were extremely grateful to the attendees that organized the bound Owner’s Guides on a table before entering the evening session. One attendee felt called to help us instead of attending the session. What a blessing! Everything was coming together beautifully!

The Saturday evening session of Suzanne’s workshop was the event everyone looked forward to: Suzanne channeling a Sanaya message. The message that evening was an even greater gift than anticipated. It lasted twice as long as usual, one hour and eleven minutes (1:11), and hinted to be the vibration of Jesus. The room was filled with awe and profound gratitude for the message received. When the session was over and the doors opened, we could feel the intense vibration of the attendees. They entered the lobby and were pleased to see all one hundred fifty Owner’s Guides waiting for them. It was a beautiful and humbling sight as volunteer attendees handed out the Owner’s Guides. What began as a step into the unknown had manifested a multitude. We exchanged many hugs and expressions of gratitude with the volunteers, attendees, and Suzanne.

After Betty and I tidied up a bit, we headed back to our room with the piggy bank and a bag filled with donations in hand. As we walked, Betty shared what had happened as the Owner’s Guides were being distributed. Unbeknownst to me, the donations were overflowing the piggy bank, so Betty dumped out the chocolates and set that bowl next to the bank. When she looked a few minutes later, that bowl was overflowing with donations. She then set the bank and bowl inside a paper box lid to contain the abundance of donations. When we counted the donations in our room later that night, it was the exact amount Betty had spent on toner/ink that afternoon.

As Betty and I fell asleep that night, we felt a wonderful peace and joy, knowing that the first wave of the MeWe&Us information was being shared with so many people. It was the truly wonderful birth of MeWe&Us.

We are deeply grateful to Suzanne Giesemann and the attendees of the workshop for supporting us and providing us with the means for sharing the MeWe&Us information and Human Bean Owner’s Guide.

And so, it begins… may it expand outward in all directions, touch many lives, and continue to help create realities of health and joy!

Love and Light, Wendy


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