The Story of MeWe&Us

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

My professional experience as a product designer was the catalyst for a life changing realization; we do not, as humans, have a comprehensive guide that explains how to take care of our self and our body. When a product is created and introduced into the marketplace, it is accompanied with a guide that assists the consumer in using, troubleshooting, and maintaining the proper functioning of the product. Who designed us, as humans, and left us floundering with the mystery of how to use, troubleshoot, and maintain our mental well-being and physical bodies? Where is our Human Owner’s Guide?

The MeWe&Us information and Human Bean Owner’s Guide is one answer. It is a compilation of personal knowledge gained from practical research, an intuitive self-healing experience, and dimensional inspiration in the form of impressions and diagrams. My intense desire to fully understand my intuitive self-healing from Lupus led me to a more expanded relationship with Higher Consciousness which, then, began a process in which I receive and unfold holographic diagrams, explanations, and information. I have experienced this process for many years and I am still experiencing today.

I initially kept the information and diagrams to myself thinking maybe someday I would write a book about healing. As an experiment, I began translating the mental impressions into diagrams on my computer. I soon realized that as I drew diagrams, more diagrams were lining up in my mind waiting to be brought into two-dimensional form. It was the most amazing thing! When I studied the diagrams, I would just know things about the information and how it related to my healing experience. When I read books and spiritual texts, information was highlighted to me and I intuitively understood how it correlated to the rest of the information. What began as a collection of diagrams and information about healing, morphed into explanations about consciousness, human consciousness, and the dynamics of existence.

I slowly started showing the diagrams and information to others. Some people were intrigued, and others thought I was completely crazy. My husband and kids were patient and receptive to this new aspect of me and my skills, but also a little leery of where it was leading me. Then, I met my friend Betty at a spiritual gathering. We immediately felt a connection and started meeting weekly for coffee. I gradually introduced her to my diagrams and information and shared with her the on-going process of how I received inspiration and direction. At first, she was intrigued, and then she became hooked with trying to decipher the diagrams and understand the information in her own way. Others joined us for coffee; coming and going with time. Betty, though, supported me over many years, encouraged me to share the information on a larger scale with local spiritual groups, and is still a major part of MeWe&Us.

At some point, celestial dynamics were incorporated to the information. I was shown a new interpretation of astrology that was based on the dynamics of consciousness. I created a linear grid that represented the spectrum of the potentials of human consciousness and plugged the information from a birth chart into this grid. I then used the grid to consult others on the dynamics of their consciousness and the affects it had on their practical experience of health and joy. Eventually, I solicited the help of a programmer, Allen, and together we created the first automated version of the Identity Map. Soon after that, the Life Rhythm diagram program was created based on an individual’s progressed moon and sun.

With multiple personalized diagrams, we realized we needed a simpler, user-friendly format that combined all the information into a single packet. I remembered my initial realization of a Human Owner’s Guide! My daughter, Allie, offered to translate the information and design a fun version of an Owner’s Guide that led people through the information on their own; calling it the Human Bean Owner’s Guide. Voila! With the help of her programmer, Chris, the Human Bean Owner’s Guide was created and the MeWe&Us website was launched in April 2019.

I am truly grateful to all those that have resonated with the information. It is a team effort, involving many people who have contributed and still are contributing in their own unique way. The evolution of the MeWe&Us information continues, morphing and expanding everyday… it is an on-going project that has no finish line. Every aspect of the MeWe&Us Story has been instrumental in inspiring others to heal and create realities of health and joy.

Where is this all going? Who knows? We take it one day at a time; unfolding what is given to us and incorporating it into the larger whole. It’s truly an adventure! Welcome. Join us. Happy creating!

Love and Light, Wendy


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