We Cycle: the stabilizing aspect

I had the most interesting day on our trip… we walked through a redwood grove on our way west toward the coast. We had been to this grove last year so I was familiar with it. Kris asked me if the trees remembered us as we started our walk… and I was given a very strong “Yes!” from those trees around us.

As we were standing in the middle of a group (two older, one middle aged, and a few younger) I was given several impressions of their relationships. I was surprised to be merging with these old trees… I never had it happen before in this way. I shared with Kris that the two older trees were friends or connected in a different way than the others. Then the middle-aged tree piped in with its vibration and asked me to come closer and really assimilate its vibration. As I did that, I understood the middle-aged tree was part of the over-seers, or all-knowing aspect of the forest. The older trees used to be, but had moved on to a more mature status. The over-seers/all-knowing trees were the stabilizing aspect of the forest and held the vibration of that window of time.

Then, I was given a correlation to the cycles of I, Me, We, and Us. The older trees were in their Us cycle and the middle-aged one was in the We cycle. The We cycle, no matter what expression of form, is the stabilizing aspect of the species. All the individuals in the We cycle are the stabilizing aspect of humanness… it is where the most expansion/growth of consciousness happens and determines the consciousness of the species in that window of time!

The whole forest came alive in a new experience for me. The middle-aged tree stayed along side of me during the rest of my walk and shared more dimensional impressions between trees and humans. The length of tree cycles varies depending on the type of tree, but trees are very similar to humans in that way. They are sort of conscious in their own way compared to other plants and animals. I think that is why I “hear” them or feel them more than other things and when I leave and return to the cabin, they are talking with me. So amazing! Took me a while to assimilate it all!

As we walked back to our truck and camper, we witnessed right next to us a three car crash… the middle car was squished like an accordion. Kris and I jumped into action with directing traffic, delegating actions, and supporting those in the crash in different ways. No one was apparently injured… hard to believe. All three cars had one child in the back seat and Kris talked to each child and surrounded them in love.

As we finally made it back to our truck and camper… I was shown how we were the stabilizing factor in that event in that window of time. How cool! We are both in the We cycle. So interesting!

I definitely feel as though every cell in my body rotated slightly by all this and my overall perception/perspective is slightly different. What a day!


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