Hello and welcome to MeWe&Us and the Wendy Awareness Blog...

MeWe&Us is a non-profit organization that promotes the creation of health and joy through self-realization. Our website, meweandus.org, is a free resource of information that allows you to generate your Human Bean Owner’s Guide which gives you personalized information about your unique consciousness.

The purpose of your human experience is self-realization; knowing your Self beyond the physical form of your body. Self-realization is the result of self-discovery through self-inquiry.

The MeWe&Us information assists you in self-inquiry; understanding your inner experiences and your your Self, reality, and purpose. Our sister website, Good Elephant (goodelephant.co), is a resource for the practical application of self-inquiry through various spiritual disciplines: yoga, ti chi, meditation, breath work, etc.

When you integrate a healthy balance of self-discovery and self-inquiry in your life, you support and accelerate your experiences of self-realization; you begin to know and understand your Self as more than merely a physical body. Your spiritual development and growth become an integrated well-rounded experience.

The MeWe&Us information is the result of knowledge gained from my experience of intuitively self-healing from a chronic illness, Lupus. I have a deeper understanding that my reality is something I create rather than endure. My beliefs and thoughts are directly related to and influence my experience of either suffering or health and joy.

Wendy Awareness Blog

Throughout my self-healing experience, I was guided by Higher Consciousness through impressions and knowing. Over the years, this guidance has become an integrated aspect of my daily life. In this blog, I will be sharing this guidance through deeper studies of the Me information on the website, previews of the We and Us information, and my practical experiences and self-realizations.

I would love for this information to be the catalyst for group self-discovery and discussion. Please feel free to share your questions, insights, and comments directly on this blog or visit our meweandus group discussion facebook page…



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