Wendy's Story

Hello, I am experiencing a human life known as Wendy. Every human life is unique and no two human lives are exactly the same. 

From very early on in my childhood, my life involved a chronic illness, Lupus. When I was small and growing up, I only knew what it was like to be ill; I did not know what it was like to be healthy. 

Suffering was a major part of my life which continued into my thirties. Throughout my illness, I emotionally and mentally tried to understand why I was suffering, and why others were healthy. My emotional and mental reconciling resulted in an extreme depression which was the catalyst for a deep surrender and awakening. I surrendered to my circumstances, stopped fighting my illness, and accepted and allowed whatever was to happen to me; I released my fear of death. In the same moment, I wondered “what was I supposed to learn from my suffering?”. The very act of surrender brought a different perspective into my awareness which has been the intention of my life work. Illness is a catalyst and provides an opportunity from which we learn and realign to our Higher Self. 

After my moment of surrender, I began a process of healing based on my inner knowing rather than traditional medicine. This knowing is very personal, familiar, and something I have continually experienced since I was young. I spontaneously know or have impressions about all kinds of things, people, circumstances, and relationships. During my illness, I suppressed this knowing and regarded it as inconsequential, because what I internally knew did not conform to my external experiences, family, society, or the world. 

After my surrender, I internally knew that acknowledging, accepting, and following my inner knowing was going to teach me what I needed to learn from my chronic illness and the many years of suffering. I listened to my inner knowledge and did as I was guided. I restructured my beliefs about myself and about the world. Changing my beliefs ultimately changed my reality to health and joy.

Hello fellow Human Beans, explore and enjoy! Happy creating! 

Love and Light,

- Wendy

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