Who am I? What do I love about myself?

One of the activities we decided to experience during the recent retreat turned out to be a very powerful exercise. We passed around a handheld mirror and looked into our own eyes while we said that we loved ourselves. Then we stated one quality that we love about ourselves that we wanted to share out loud with the group.

Since we spend time brushing our teeth, fixing our hair, and applying make up when we look in a mirror, it should be no big deal, right? Yeah, right.

Just gazing into your own eyes and saying you love yourself is surprisingly powerful. I remember crying the first time I did this while in a similar sharing circle in my thirties.

Because of the bond that had developed between the participants and the desire to be honest and only present my authentic self, I found myself searching my mind for the exact words that would most accurately convey my thoughts in the current moment.

What do I love about myself? Hmmm. What do I dare to say out loud? Who am I in this moment?

I don’t remember exactly what I said as I looked deep into my own eyes that day. I do know that today I see a woman who has a zest for life and continues to develop wisdom by living a thoughtful life. I do know I rejoice in the ability to interact with others with compassion and empathy.

Try it out… what do you see when you look into your own eyes in a mirror? What would you say about yourself – out loud? Who are you today, who are you in this moment?


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