You are not merely physical. The essence of your physicalness, your body, is energy. This energy has a recipe that establishes your human uniqueness and creates diversity. Your energetic recipe is established when you are born. Your birth date determines your “Bean Potential” which has a correlating energetic recipe that defines the type of human life you experience. The Earth/Gaia, where you were born, is an integral part of a larger solar system that has multiple planets. The essence of each planet is energy and each planet has a planetary potential and energetic recipe that establishes its physical form. The solar system, in turn, lies within a vast galaxy that has areas of celestial space with galactic energetic potentials. When you were born, each planet was in a particular position within the solar system and related to an area of celestial space. The positioning of all the planets, their relationships with the Sun, and celestial space created your Bean Potential; it established your energetic essence. From that energetic essence, your physicalness formed. Your Bean Potential is strangely and awesomely unique. The exact positioning of the planets and relative celestial space on any given birthdate only occurs once every 25,000 years. In our solar system, there are planets closer to the sun, an asteroid belt, and then more planets farther away from the sun. The day, month, and year of your birth are truly three categories that correlate with the different groups of planets and their orbital relationships with the Sun. This also correlates with the different aspects of your human experience: the year has to do with the Purpose of your life, the month has to do with your Reality, and the day has to do with your Self and how you interface with others and the world. The process of healing is unique to each person according to their Bean Potential. Mapping your Bean Potential and creating your personal Owner’s Guide provides you with a specific resource of information for your unique process of healing. Studying your Owner’s Guide is the self-inquiry that leads to self-awareness, which leads to self-compassion and self-love, which are the four key components in healing and creating a reality of health and joy. Download the PDF >


What does it take to be healthy and happy? Experiencing health and joy is not based on the external aspects of your life. Health and joy reflect your internal world; your understanding of your Self and the quality of the relationship with your Self. Through self-inquiry we learn about our Self and our relationship with our Self. The three questions, What is my purpose?, Why am I here?, and Who am I? initiates self-inquiry that leads to a deeper understanding and expanded awareness of your Self. Self-inquiry is an amazing internal adventure! Self-inquiry What is your relationship with your Self? Is it positive or negative? Are you critical of your Self? Do you experience Self-love? Expanding your awareness of your relationship with your Self is the initial step in self-inquiry. Meditation Sit with your Self in silence (no external stimulation like a cell phone, tv, or music)… just be with your Self several times this week. Become aware of what you are experiencing. Write down in a journal what type of conversations you have with your Self in your mind. Are you compassionate and loving with your Self or harsh and critical? Let’s share with each other what we experience in our moments of silence with our Self. Words to hold in mind: Self-Love and Self-Compassion Download the PDF >


Most of our beliefs about our Self are established during our childhood. As a teen and throughout our adult years, as we develop more relationships and interface with world, we question those initial beliefs and replace them with more appropriate ones that align with our own experiences, ideals, and values. Unfortunately, some negative beliefs established in childhood are more difficult to question and replace. They have been deeply ingrained within us and we consider these negative beliefs as Self-truths. We find it hard to know or understand our Self beyond them in an objective way. These negative beliefs make it hard to experience Self-Love and Self-compassion. The process of replacing the negative beliefs with positive beliefs about our Self is the process of healing. As we heal, we gradually experience a reality of health and joy. We come into this human experience with a set of potentials that are neutral in nature. These potentials have two aspects: expression and structure. The potentials of expression are what we are consciously aware of as I/Me in our everyday interactions and experiences. The potentials of structure not so apparent to us and are held within our subconscious; we are not consciously aware of them in our everyday experiences and interactions. Our potential structures are the underlying direction continuously unfolding within our life. As a human, we experience a “separation” between our conscious awareness and our subconscious direction. Many of our negative beliefs about our Self are established because we, and our parents, have never understood the bigger picture of our purpose, the more profound reason we are here experiencing humanness, and who we are individually and as a species. We experience and are familiar with our expression but know very little of the other half of our Self; our subconscious structural direction. When you bring into your conscious awareness the subconscious structural direction unfolding throughout your life, you begin to understand your Self in a more objective, dimensional way. You may recognize potential structures as repeated automatic behaviors or experiences that you cannot explain. As you bring your potential structure into your awareness, what you once believed was an inherent unchangeable fault within your Self, is presented to you in a new light as instrumental life direction that is unfolding your purpose. All the events, relationships, and choices you experience throughout your life are instrumental and educational in unfolding a life purpose. If you do not know or understand your life purpose, then your human experience becomes arduous and scary because you do not understand your Self. The process of healing is the process of expanding your awareness of your Self. This involves replacing the negative beliefs about your Self with more compassionate and loving beliefs based on the truth of your potentials of expression and structure.
Self-inquiry Do you know and understand your purpose? Why are you experiencing humanness? Who are you? Application Review your Owner’s Guide. Are there expressions or structures in your Owner’s Guide that you are not freely embracing and integrating into your everyday interactions and experiences? Are you scared of what people may think if you were authentic and freely expressed your true Self? Words to hold in mind: Authenticity and Freedom Download the PDF >


When you truly understand, love, and are compassionate with your Self, you experience inner peace and harmony. Your beliefs and thoughts align with the deeper understanding of your Self. The process of healing involves the transition from being confused and conflicted internally about your Self, to a deeper understanding of how your internal dynamics and external experiences are interrelated. As you experience the process of healing, you understand how your internal experiences (emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts) and your external experiences (relationships and events) are interconnected and integrated. Instead of perceiving your internal and external experiences as separate things and unrelated, you understand how all the aspects of your Self come together to unfold your larger purpose. There are three aspects to your human experience: Self, Reality, and Purpose. The three aspects are nested within each other. The inner most aspect is your Self, the middle aspect is your Reality, and the outer most aspect is your Purpose. Traditionally, we have tried to understand our human experience by starting with the Self and working outward to understand our reality and purpose. Because the aspect of the Self involves the complexity of emotions, intellect, and ego, this approach tends to be quite arduous. Your emotions, intellect, and ego are like an interwoven puzzle or maze that leaves you feeling dazed and confused. The MeWe&Us information starts at the outermost aspect, your Purpose, and works inward. This approach gives you the broader dynamics and significance of this lifetime. From there, you begin to understand how your Reality, events and relationships, are interrelated to unfolding your Purpose. Ultimately, you understand how your expression as a Self, nature and personality, help you to unfold your Purpose through the events and relationships within your Reality. Starting with the outer aspect of Purpose and working inward to understand your Reality and Self, is referred to as Top-Down Awareness. Bottom-Up Awareness, which is the traditional approach, is the intention that in understanding the inner aspect of your Self, you will eventually understand the greater aspect of your Reality and Purpose. Top-Down Awareness establishes an integrated internal and external experience that promotes internal peace and harmony which is then expressed as external health and joy. Self-inquiry Do you experience inner peace and harmony? Do you understand how your inner experiences of your emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts are interrelated to your external experiences of your relationships and events? Do you freely express your internal emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts in your external relationships and experiences? Application Visualize the three nested aspects of Self, Reality, and Purpose as shown in the diagram. Imagine you have the three nested fields surrounding you. The field of Self is aligned with your heart and your Reality and Purpose extend outward. How do you feel while you are doing the visualization? Can you begin to recognize how easily your Self, Reality, and Purpose become intermingled and undistinguishable from each other when you are not visualizing them as separate fields? As you visualize the three fields, can you feel the difference the field of Self feels compared to your Reality, and how the field of Reality feels compared to the field of Purpose? Word to hold in mind: Integration Download the PDF >


Our human experience is a duality. Our experiences range from intensely positive, inspiring, and magical to intensely negative, disparity, and suffering. While we may be transcending our inner conflict and confusion, we are also being presented with the most amazing experiences of beauty, wonder, and awe. The true challenge for each of us is to become aware of this duality. As some say: There is always a silver lining. That is what is so cool about the human experience. When we begin to become aware of the positive along with our negative experiences; we really begin to understand the significance of all things. Gratitude is the key to becoming aware of the duality and balancing the positive with the negative. The positive is around us at all times. It is just a matter of our level of awareness and if we acknowledge the presence of the positive. As part of my process of healing, I was shown the incredible power of gratitude. One of the major factors contributing to my illness was my narrow awareness which focused on the negative aspects of my life rather than seeing the silver lining. During my intuitive self-healing, I also experienced meeting, marrying, and building a life with my beautiful, smart, and talented husband. I gave birth to two amazing children, experienced the wonder and awe of raising them, and witnessed their transition into independent, prospering, loving adults. I developed my own personal skills, worked as an industrial designer, and explored the dynamics of creativity which led to my artistic expression. My life has been filled with many inspiring, educational, and magical relationships. The wonder of nature and its diversity continues to amaze me every day. We are constantly creating a reality of some kind. The dynamics of consciousness is also dual. The positive aspects of our Self create the positive aspects of our reality. The negative aspects we perceive about our Self, which we may obsess about and dwell on, create negative aspects to our reality. We may get so lost in the negative that our relationship with our Self becomes predominantly negative, and our reality is perceived only as negative. The positive aspects of our Self never falter or diminish no matter how obsessed we become with the negative. Our reality always reflects back to us the amazing positive aspects of our Self all the time; the wonder, awe, and magic of Existence. It is only if we recognize, become aware, and appreciate the positive will we then understand the beautiful balance of this duality. Conscious gratitude in every experience brings every situation into balance and presents the truth in a beautiful way. When I catch myself only focusing on the negative aspect of a situation, I now flip my intention and the experience in a playful way to the vibration of gratitude, and I invite the positive to be brought into my awareness. This is truly an adventure! It is a game in a way, to expand my awareness of the silver lining. Some silver linings are more difficult to be brought into my awareness… but those are the most beautiful went brought forth!
Application What current situation do you feel is a negative in your life? Can you play the silver lining game with that situation? When I have difficulty flipping the situation to gratitude and the positive, I ask several key questions: What am I supposed to learn from this situation? Why am I experiencing this situation at this time in my life? What key virtues are associated with the situation?... Self-love, Self-compassion, accountability, trust, etc. Word to hold in mind: Silver Lining Download the PDF >



Our reality is a reflection of what we hold in mind. We are continuously creating our reality from the mental structure of our mind. When we hold negative thoughts and concepts (thoughts and concepts not aligned with truth) in our mind, we create a reality that incorporates those mis-aligned concepts as experiential relationships and events. Those mis-aligned concepts fold back onto us through our reality as experiences, showing us what we need to address/align within our mental structure. We have labeled experiences in our reality that involve situations and relationships which feel other than positive (resulting from the mis-aligned mental concepts held in our mind) as "Karma". Karma is a dynamic, or an operational response of correction. It is the way consciousness naturally tries to correct mis-aligned concepts in our mental structure. "Creating Karma" is usually associated with a questionable choice or response, and sometimes Karma is believed to be something beyond our control that is in our "cards" or "destiny"... both of these references are referring to the definition/dynamics I just presented only from an unaware state, Bottom-Up perspective. Because most people do not understand the basic concept of how we create our reality through our mental structure, Karma is then believed to be a negative uncontrollable thing, punishment, or something we must "make-up for", and must endure. When Karma is associated with a past life and a person believes they must make up for mistakes made in other lives... they are being shown to re-align their mental structure. When they eventually re-align their mental structure those negative relationships and events in this life will subside. Some people are able to adjust their structure within a lifetime and other's need to be shown that they have had these mis-aligned concepts in their mental structure over multiple lifetimes as an incentive to take action! For some individuals, Karma is a very real thing. They are creating relationships and events from the mis-aligned concepts in their mental structure, and because they are unaware of the underlying dynamics of their reality, those negative relationships and events seem very real and are quite confusing to them. Using the label of "Karma" is way of understanding the negative experiences. For others, Karma is no longer necessary. They have cleared their mis-aligned concepts and simplified their mental structure to the point where they are only creating and experiencing a positive reality. Their reality matches their positive mental structure. The person understands and accepts the accountability of how they are creating their reality. They know the ramifications of holding mis-aligned mental concepts, and they willingly re-align them. Understanding the dynamics of Karma is directly proportional to the re-alignment and simplification your mental construct. Karma is a catch 22! It is a challenge to understand the dimensional dynamics of Karma unless you re-align your mental structure... and it is a challenge to re-align your mental structure unless you understand the dimensional dynamics of Karma! Understanding and re-alignment are interdependent… What a challenge! Download the PDF >



There are two aspects to your human experience: the physical and the abstract. The physical is visible form and the abstract is nonvisible energy. Your body and brain are visible physical form and your spirit and mind are nonvisible energy. Your body/brain and spirit/mind, the physical and the abstract, work together in creating your experience of humanness. Mind and Brain The mind is creative, and the brain is functional. The brain is a component of your physical body. It processes the information collected through your physical senses and regulates bodily functions. Your brain is not dynamic and creative like your mind. Even though your mind is abstract and nonvisible, it has as an energetic structure which is constantly flexing and changing. This is referred to as your mental construct. The changes in your mental construct are interrelated with the transition of identity you experience throughout your life: I, Me, We, and Us. When you incarnate, your mental construct is small and simple. As you develop, it becomes larger and more complex. Life Cycles As you unfold the I cycle of your life, you create the content and structure of your mental construct. The Me cycle involves breaking apart certain concepts and beliefs in your construct that were developed during the I cycle but are no longer appropriate or productive to your development as an adult. During the We cycle you restructure your construct according to your own ideals and values. The Us cycle involves refining those ideals and values to incorporate a more expanded understanding of your Self and prepare you for the transition into the spiritual realm. So, as you progress through your life, your mental construct it is established, broken apart, restructured, and then refined. Through your understanding of the transition of identity that you are experiencing during your life, and how that transition restructures and simplifies your mental construct, you expand your awareness of how the dynamics of your mind are shaping what you experience as your reality. When you allow rather than resist the natural restructuring of your mind and the changes to your reality, you support the natural process of spiritual development and growth. Mental Construct Your mental construct is divided into three areas: foundational concept, construct, and expression. The foundational concept is the single base concept from which everything within the construct originates. The shape of your construct expands upward from the foundational concept in a consistent pattern which creates an upside-down pyramid. Everything above the foundational concept is the construct and the upper most top layer is the expression. The combination of your foundational concept, construct, and expression is your belief system, which governs your thoughts, reality, and total human experience. The structure of your mental construct is directly related to what you experience as your Self and reality. It holds all the information about you and shapes your perception of your Self and the world around you. This massive storehouse of information is what you then use to interrelate and interact with others, environment, and physical world. Your mental construct is constantly shifting, changing, and expanding. It is dynamic. You are continuously experiencing and knowing your Self differently as you incorporate new concepts into your mental construct. These dynamics are what you experience as learning and understanding. Your mental structure is actually very large. It would be impossible to accurately diagram its size on a standard page. This diagram is a representational model intended to help you comprehend the structure in more detail. If you look closely, you will see that each conceptual group is made up of a single concept which has multiple nodules attached. The foundational concept has no nodules. As you move up, the structure of the nodules increases incrementally with each layer. The conceptual groups on the top layer have the most nodules. Your foundational concept is a very simple premise of who and what you are. This premise is carried through your entire mental construct as the basis for all other concepts. In essence, it is what you hold in mind as your identity. There is a specific pattern your mind uses for addressing new concepts created from new experiences. It takes the foundational concept and adds a nodule, which represents the new concept. Your mind takes the concept of your identity and expands upon it. As the structure expands, including more and more new concepts, the foundational concept replicates and acquires more and more nodules. As the construct grows, and more nodules are added to the foundational concept, the concept of your identity becomes more complex. Learning and Understanding When you learn something from a new experience, your mind translates it into a new conceptual nodule (concept 10 in the diagram). Your mind tries to add this new conceptual nodule to your existing mental structure. To do this, your mind assesses all the upper most conceptual groups. Your mind then tries to find the existing conceptual group which is closest in content to the new nodule. It then replicates the chosen existing conceptual group and attaches the newly learned conceptual nodule. This new conceptual group is added to the overall structure. This pattern of choosing and replicating is what you experience as understanding. Learning is the creation of a new conceptual nodule and understanding is the incorporation of this new conceptual nodule into a conceptual group. If a newly learned conceptual nodule is radically different than all existing conceptual groups, our mind will reject it and throw it out as not understandable. Your mental structure may be referred to as “the box”. The way your mind assimilates new information as concepts creates a “box- like” scenario. Your mind is only comfortable with what it already knows and can locate within the existing structure. Its pattern of expansion uses what it already knows as its basis for new understanding. In truth, it is not really new understanding, only a slight adaptation of existing information. Your mental structure is your reference for your deductive analysis, logic, and rational thought. Spiritual Growth The dynamics of your mental structure are what make spiritual growth and development difficult. In the case of spiritual self-awareness, the spiritual concepts introduced pertaining to your identity are “outside the box”. This means there are no similar existing conceptual groups on the upper layer of your mental structure that your mind can find to which to attach the newly learned spiritual concepts. Therefore, your mind rejects newly introduced spiritual concepts as not understandable. This process, and the relationship between your mind and mental structure, make it difficult for you to spiritually grow and expand your awareness. This is because spiritual growth has to do with your identity and correcting your idea of your identity. Your entire mental structure is based on an existing concept of your identity: perceiving your Self as a physical body. Spiritual growth and development require correcting the foundational concept of your identity to knowing your Self as an energetic being. Your mind has been ingrained with this existing concept of your identity. When you try to change your concept of your identity to knowing your Self as an energetic being, you are trying to change your entire mental structure from the bottom up. This can be radically unsettling to your mind. It cannot simply add the concept to the upper most layers following its usual process. Your mind must find a new way of reinterpreting itself, while keeping some semblance of coherence to the existing structure. Simplification vs Expansion The new process of spiritually restructuring your mental structure involves simplification rather than expansion. It is very similar to reducing fractions to their common denominator. The structure of your mind is very distorted and complex when it is identifying with your body as your identity. This is because your mind is continually trying to convince itself of something that is not true. It has created a massive informational reference which it uses to attempt to substantiate this misperception. But even the most elaborate mental structure has loopholes that undermine the false foundational concept. It is these loopholes that allow your mind to recognize truth when you hear it. Restructuring your mind involves the release of concepts in the upper layers that slowly rearrange the lower layers. The key here is releasing rather than adding and expanding. This is a gradual reinterpretation of your Self that shifts the conceptual groups. As they release and the mental shifts take place, you reduce the size and complexity of your idea of your identity. Your true identity as a multi-dimensional energetic being is extremely simple. The elaborate Self concept/personality which your mind has contrived to go along with your perception of your Self as a body, is contrary to the simplicity of your True identity. Your mind resists simplification because it has only known expansion. It is familiar and comfortable with expansion. Simplification throws it into all sorts of crazy antics to avoid the downsizing. Your mind feels as though it is losing its only known identity, and that it is being replaced with the unknown. Fear is the major obstacle in the simplification process. Fear of the unknown. Lost Conceptual Group Each conceptual group in the structure is like a path that leads back to the foundational concept. The expansion process of choosing and replicating actually creates this sequential hierarchy automatically. The conceptual groups build upon each other and are interrelated. What you are conscious of at any given time is only the upper most layer of your mental structure. That upper most layer, which is the expression, contains almost everything in the construct underneath it. The construct, everything below the upper most layer, is your subconscious. In the expansion process, a sequential conceptual group can also end within the structure, without making it to the upper most layer of expression. The information within this particular conceptual group has become lost in your subconscious. This is an experience which has happened to you, that you are no longer conscious of, and are presently unaware of, in the progression of your life. Often the last nodule added to the lost conceptual group was severely traumatic. At the time that the conceptual group was part of the upper layer, and your mind went through the choosing process for a similar conceptual group, it skipped over the traumatic conceptual group for replicating. This traumatic conceptual group was not replicated and not continued in the structure due to the lack of similar experiences. Becoming aware of the structure of your mind and the dynamics involved is beneficial in the process of spiritual reinterpretation and simplification. It allows you to have an abstract reference to your practical experiences. It expands your understanding of the dynamics underlying the difficulty of changing your reality from perceptual identification as a body, to spiritual identification as a multi-dimensional energetic being. Download the PDF >



The following visualization is designed to assist you in expanding your awareness of your “Sense of Self”. As you can see in the diagram below, the Self is at the core of the three fields of energy, Self, Reality, and Purpose, which establish our human experience. Our experience and relationship with our Self determine how we experience the other two fields of Reality and Purpose. Inner and Outer Experiences We experience two aspects of our humanness: our inner experiences and our outer experiences. Our inner experiences consist of unseen and abstract thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Our outer experiences involve external physical experiences, which include our physical body, brain, others, and the world around us. Often, our inner and outer experiences are intertwined, which makes our awareness of our Self challenging. We are involved in and focus our attention on so many outer activities and relationships we become immune to our inner Self. We also become so involved with others that we accept and internalize their projected perceptions of us as our own. Untangling the inner and outer aspects of our human experience is very helpful in establishing a strong “Sense of Self” which allows us to objectively perceive and appropriately respond to our experiences in a neutral and loving way. Sense of Self Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, breathing in through the nose and out the mouth, take another deep breath, and another. Begin to center your awareness. Allow all external distractions and your thoughts recede to the background. Bring your awareness to where you are in the present moment. Now feel your awareness retreat from the external and settle within you, moving deeper inside you. As it moves deeper, allow your awareness to relax and rest comfortably. Imagine it is a field of light that floats above you with no boundaries. Let it spread out evenly all around you. Feel your field of Light. It has a certain vibration that you can feel. This vibrational feeling expands your awareness of your “Self”. Gathering your awareness, allowing it to rest and expand comfortably, and feeling its vibration is experiencing your “Sense of Self”. As you sit with the field of Light of your Self, begin to recognize the difference between the vibration of your Self, your inner Self, and the vibration of your Reality, the outer experiences of your self. The inner sense of Self is very simple, quiet, and balanced. Begin to gently separate your Reality from your inner sense of Self by gently and carefully moving it outward, and away from your inner field of your Self. As you experience the process of separating the two fields, you may notice a resistance. You may feel as though your Reality is attached to some areas of your Self by tethers or strings. Expand your awareness of these tethers; acknowledge their form and characteristics. Feel how these tethers hold your Reality from freely separating from your inner Self. Bring your awareness to each string and begin the process of gently untangling the threads one by one, gradually working your way around the field of your Self. Do not cut the threads; gently untangle them. As you bring your awareness to each tether, they gently acknowledge themselves as inner or outer strings and release their attachment to each other. As each thread recedes into your field of Reality, feel the weight being lifted from your field of Self. Feel how your field of Self expands and lifts as you release each tether. When you have released your Reality from your field of Self, allow your Reality to float outward and away; gently push it outward if necessary. Allow it to rest a comfortable distance from your field of Self. Once your Reality has floated away from your field of Self, consciously create a buffer of space between the two fields. Allow this buffer to be as large as you would like and what feels comfortable to you. Hold in mind this space that separates the two. Imagine it as a buffer between you and your outer experiences. It is a beautiful space of peace, joy, and Light and is neutral and balanced. It creates a beautiful field of energy in which your sense of Self can rest and take a break from your relationships, activities, and decisions. This buffer allows your field of Self to easily breath, stretch, and relax and allows you to perceive your Reality from a comfortable and objective perspective. The larger the buffer between the two fields, the easier you are able to objectively perceive your Reality. Hold this beautiful feeling of peace, joy, and balance of the Self in your mind for a moment. Feel it relaxed and comfortably floating above you and expanding around you. Open your eyes and consciously feel the expansiveness of your Self while your eyes are open. Hold the beautiful buffer in place as you bring your awareness back to the present moment of your Reality. Maintain the buffer while you proceed through your interactions and daily activities. Download the PDF >


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